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After the War.
After the War.
From left are:
Bennett James, and sons Murray, Clarence,Russel, Fred, Charlie and Ronnie.

The Nauss Brothers in 1964.
The Nauss Brothers in 1964.
From left are:
Murray, Russel, Clarence,Fred, Charlie and Ronnie.

Fourth Generation Builders

Johnann Christopher Nauss finally set foot on Halifax soil in 1752. He left his home, located in Palheinhe, from Rottingham, Germany, aboard 'The Gale' on January 9. He arrived in Halifax eight months later on September 6. Johnann's wife, Elizabeth Westhaver, had been in Canada one year. Together they started this country's Nauss family.

Bennett James Nauss came to Bridgewater from Lunenburg as a young man at the turn-of-the-century. Building houses was labour intensive, from site preparation to the moving-in-day.

It could take a week to excavate a small cellar using a pick and shovel. Transporting building materials by horse and wagon was challenging at the best of times. B.J. Nauss was known to make a raft out of the house frames. He loaded it with building materials, and floated it down the river to Riverport at one-and-a-half-miles an hour.

Bennett Nauss was the father of five daughters and six sons: Charlie, Clarence and Ronnie, and now deceased: Fred, Murray, Charlie,and Russel. The brothers started to follow in their father's footsteps as soon as they were old enough to swing a hammer.

During the Depression, all businesses fell off, including B.J.Nauss'. Mr Nauss finally decided to retire. When Clarie came home from after World War II, the boys started the business up again from scratch.

Some of the Nauss children and grandchildren have chosen to join the family business. They include Andy, Gregory (deceased), Jeffrey, Michael, Mitchell, Stephen, Kurt, Shawn, Paul, Stephen Hagen and son-in-law John Berry.

Throughout the decades, the Nauss Brothers have specialized in dwellings by contract, and at times speculation. All contracted homes are custom built to the customer's choice and specifications.

The rapid growth of Nauss Brothers Limited is a testimony of sound partnership and good business principles. The brothers compliment their construction business as licensed real estate dealers and renters of heavy equipment.

Nauss Brothers have built many of the area's commercial ventures including the Search and Rescue building, the new South Shore Veterinary Clinic, the New Germany Liquor Store and the Rosedale Home for Special Care.

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