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Caterpillar Hose & Couplings
Low & Medium Pressure Hose and Couplings | High Pressure Hose & Couplings


Nauss Brothers Limited supply and install Caterpillar® Low Medium and High pressure hose and couplings, and the Cat® Reusable Couplings for the XT Hose.

Cat® Reusable Couplings for XT hose go beyond connecting you with superior hydraulic hose performance and life. They provide the lowest operating cost.

Reusability and Cost Savings
In most hose assembly failures, it's the hose that fails, not the coupling. With Cat's XT Hose Reusable Couplings, you can replace the hose and reuse the couplings - saving an average of 40 percent off the cost of assemblies with permanent couplings.

Ready Inventory and Time Savings
With Cat's Reusable Couplings on your machine, you'll always have the couplings you need. That means we can have your repaired hose ready in just minutes.

Exclusive Cat® Design
Available in a variety of end configurations, Cat® Reusable Couplings for XT Hose feature a sleeve-type design that's available exclusively from us. We'll be happy to show you how they eliminate your biggest hose repair expense.

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